Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tibet Music Event

Ah, I just found this saved in the guts of my Blogger dashboard. I had started the post but never finished.

A few weeks ago, Kristin and I hosted a wonderful musical performance in our backyard by Jamyeng Yeshi. The Crag Law Center brought Jamyeng to perform at the Clinton Street Theater following a showing of the Unwinking Gaze - a new documentary on the Dalai Lama. We organized the event as an alternative to the opening night of the Olympics.

Jamyeng was born in the Amdo region of Tibet and escaped through Nepal to Dharamasala. For the past few years, he has lived in Canada and performs traditional Tibetan music, often with his friends and/or family members. The Tara Cafe Project helps to promote Tibetan music and culture and helped to set up the weekend. Here's a couple of pics:

From Tibet Music in the Backyard

Me getting happy with the beer situation.

From Tibet Music in the Backyard


From Tibet Music in the Backyard

The crew that help set this up - Jeff Alzner, Karen McDiarmind (with the Tara Cafe Project), Jamyeng Yeshi, and Brook Kirklin

Jeff and Brook just completed a movie about Mike Bearzi - Via Bearzi

Jamyeng and some other musicians associated with the Tara Cafe Project contributed to the wonderful soundtrack for there movie, which got accepted to Telluride, Ester Park and many other mountain film festivals. Jeff and Brook put me in touch with Karen, and we set something up to help Jamyeng promote his music.

From Tibet Music in the Backyard

Jamyeng with the hosts.

From Tibet Music in the Backyard

Alzner with the hosts.

This is a bit delayed - but thanks to Jeff, Karen, Brook and everyone else that helped to pull this off!!

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