Monday, November 1, 2010

The Desert Diaries - Cochise Stronghold

Kristin and I just wrapped up a great week in Cochise Stronghold in Southern Arizona.  We spent two days in the Eastern Stronghold, clipping bolts and stretching out my ribs.  We then took a rest day, drove over a mountain pass, and descended into the Western Stronghold, where we spent two more days climbing multi-pitch routes in and around the Sheepshead.  I'm basically climbing pain free, and we got in some excellent routes.

We don't have a lot of time to write, because after a quick night at the Phoenix Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort (Priceline baby!) and a quick visit with Kristin's folks, who happened to be in Phoenix staying with their very nice friends Frank and Mary, we are off to Indian Creek.  But we'll leave you with some shots of the Stronghold.  

Chris Tying in for Nightstalker on the Owl in the East Stronghold, 5.9
Runout Face Climbing on the Owl
Kristin Enjoying her Second of the Wandering Runout Climbing
Last Pitch of Euhporia on the Sheepshead, III, 5.9
Belay on Mystery of the Desert on the Muttonhead, III, 5.9 R
And some amazing scenery ...


  1. Michelle and I are enjoying your blog and pics. You two are a couple of superheroes! - Joe and Michelle

  2. Joe and Michelle - Great to hear from you! Hopefully we'll see you at the Gorge next summer ...