Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mt. Adams - SW Chutes

The best medicine for withdrawal is a quick fix.  After returning from 10 days of climbing in California, I was still jonesing for more mountain time, knowing that the deep Pacific NW snowpack was making for some amazing summer ski conditions. 

Jaime had planted a seed a few weeks ago, suggesting the SW Chutes on Mt. Adams for the weekend after my CA trip.   Zach jumped on board, and by Saturday evening, we were driving through Trout Lake on the way to Mt. Adams. 

The road to Cold Springs was snowed in about 2.5 miles from the trailhead, creating a total zoo of parked cars, crooked tents, potholes and tired skiers.  We bivvied under a tree and woke up to beautiful conditions hitting the trail at about 6 am.  I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking.

Climbers and St. Helens at the Lunch Counter
Climbers Approaching the Lunch Counter with Mt. Hood in the Distance

Dogs, Kids, and Snowboarders - What a Zoo!
Jaime Cranking the Jimmy Buffet and Dreaming of Margaritas
Your Truly Dropping into the SW Chutes - Photo by Jaime Bohle
Jaime Carving Corn

Looking Down the Chutes
3000' of Corn!

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