Monday, November 28, 2011

Wilderness Peak Turkey Hike

Over the holiday weekend, Kristin and I made our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Seattle for a very indulgent and sedentary celebration with my family.  Each year, we dream up cool adventures in the nearby mountains, but we almost always end up falling into a delicious pattern of beer, football and turkey with the family, topped off with the best apply pie EVER (thanks Mom!).  If we're lucky, we manage to sneak in a hike or two to stretch the legs and force some blood through our otherwise clogged arteries.

 This past weekend, we went out on Friday and hiked up Wilderness Peak near Cougar Mountain in Issaquah.  Torrential rains let up for a few hours, and we enjoyed moderate temperatures and luminous afternoon sunlight filtering through the forest canopy.  My sister's enthusiastic standard poodle joined us on the hike, and he made a fine model for the afternoon photo shoot.

And a few more of the day.

On Saturday, we took 6 teenage girls to the State Quad A Semi-Final game at the Tacoma Dome to watch their school - Skyline High - compete for the glory.  
The girls had a great at a last minute squeaker.  Go Spartans!  


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