Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scratchin' the Itch

Kim Crihfield on Taiwan On, 5.10c, Fourth Horseman, Smith Rock
This past weekend hopefully marked the end of the freakishly warm and dry winter conditions in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Pretty much everyone I knew was in the depths of powder withdrawal - a horrible affliction that causes irritability, anxiety and constant weather channel web surfing.  There are few known cures, most of which involve long car rides, airfare, or very large doses of self-prescribed medication.  Even with proper treatment, a patient's prognosis is uncertain until the very end.

Luckily, here in Oregon we have alternatives to western medicine.  Ancient Chinese shamans realized about 30 years ago that careful application of sunny weather, bolts, and quick draws can free up the chi that is otherwise blocked by powder withdrawal.  Yes, your family doctor my insist upon self-medication, but open your mind to non-western solutions that treat the underlying condition and not just the symptoms!

This past weekend, I experimented with this ancient Chinese secret, hoping to ward off the demons just a few more days until the next visit from the snow man.  My treatment was carefully administered by several experienced friends, and based on my highly suspect, uncontrolled study, I am prepared to declare the Chinese traditions a moderate success. 

After one session on Saturday, I experienced temporary relief from the otherwise debilitating symptoms of powder withdrawal.  But, by Monday, I found myself once again chasing the fluff, shamelessly slipping my credit card through the lift ticket window, shaking in anticipation.  Oh yes, the snow man had delivered, and I needed my fix.

And now, the snow man has tracked me down at my home, and as I look outside, I see the white stuff piling up in Southeast Portland.  Oh will he ever stop tempting me?  Can a quick fix cure this affliction?  Did the Chinese ever try trad climbing?  Life is a mystery.

But I sure had a great time last weekend . . .

Two more of Kim - with Nate Tack in the background working Crossfire, 5.12b
Alternative medicine at its best
Anna Sundholm on Honey Pot, 5.9, Picnic Lunch Wall, Smith Rock
Kristin receiving treatment

Ohhh ... the shame. 

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