Saturday, March 3, 2012

Idaho Ski Junket

Earlier in February, I was lucky to tag along on a ski trip to the Idaho Selkirks with a bunch of guys who had been making this trip an annual pilgrimage for the last several years.  Just outside of Sandpoint, nestled in the mountains, an amazing log home sits on a butte at about 5000'.  One side looks out over the valley and other looks up at the surrounding ski terrain.  The friendly proprietor sleds in the food, the clothes, and the keg while the everyone else enjoys a leisurely 6-mile skin up a forest road.

The conditions were challenging as we received about three feet of snow over the course of three days.  The snowpack was highly unstable, which kept us on lower angle terrain in the trees.  But despite the sketchy conditions and limited options, we still had a great time.  Enjoy the shots ...

Loading Up
On the way in
A little extra warmth on a stormy day

Home sweet home

Roughing It in the Selkirks
This is what you get for hanging out with vegetarians
Up up up . . .

And there was a little down down down
And finally on the last day a bit of sun
Evidence of the Storm

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